The Most Effective Air Purification for Mold

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According to an extensive review by the EPA, the most effective air purification technology is one that uses a combination of HEPA and activated carbon. Especially when it comes to mold spores and mycotoxins.

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The 60 square feet of Medical-Grade HEPA in the Austin Air HealthMate™ will effectively remove mold spores from the air, while the blend of activated carbon and zeolite will take care of the mycotoxins that can develop when mold is present.

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The Dangers of Ozone!

Rumor has it ozone kills mold. But that doesn’t mean you need an ozone generator in your home. Ozone does not penetrate walls, floors, or other surfaces. And ozone is extremely hazardous to human health. 

According to the EPA…Many electronic air cleaner devices—including portable and duct-mounted ESPs, ionizers or ion generators, uncoated UVGI lamps, and other products that advertise the use of “plasma,” “ions,” and other similar terms—can generate high amounts of ozone. Ozone is a well-documented lung irritant. Intentional ozone generators should not be used in occupied spaces.”

Listen to a snippet from a recent podcast where Dr. Lyn Patrick warns against ozone.