Parent-Teacher Toolkit

Empowering parents, grandparents, and teachers to advocate for clean air in schools.





Parent-Teacher Toolkit

Welcome to the Parent-Teacher Toolkit, a resource to help parents, grandparents, guardians, and teachers promote cleaner classroom air! Before you get started, please register the school where you'll be advocating for clean air. This helps us verify you are indeed a parent/teacher partner, if you earn free air purifiers.

(Note: we will not ship free air purifiers to a parent or teacher who is not associated with a registered school.)

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If you are a registered parent/teacher partner, and your school places an order for Austin Air purifiers, you could earn free air purifiers for your home, too! Here's how it works:

  • School orders 1-2 pallets of air purifiers = 1 free purifier shipped to parent or teacher.

  • School orders 3-6 pallets of air purifiers = 2 free purifiers shipped to parent or teacher.

  • School orders 4 or more pallets of air purifiers = 3 free purifiers shipped to parent or teacher.

Scroll below to start learning how to advocate for cleaner air in school!

STEP 1: Get Educated

Get a binder and start learning what clean air is all about! Download files and take notes!


Why It's Important 

This page contains everything you need to know about air quality – how it impacts student health, focus, attention, IQ, and mood, as well as the impacts on teachers and staff.

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Types of Filters

Not all filters are created equal! If you’re trying to clean the air of bacteria, viral particles, allergens, spores, and toxic chemicals, you need to make sure you’re using the right filter.

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We are the only air cleaning company to partner with research organizations to conduct clinical trials on our products. We’ve also outperformed 100 others in other government tests.

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STEP 2: Start Advocating

Now that you're a trained clean-air guru, how do you start to advocate at your school?


Decision Makers

Once you are ready to start advocating for clean air at your school or district, whom do you contact? Click to understand who the key decision-makers are so you don’t waste precious time.

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Not sure the best way to craft an email to key decision-makers? Unsure what to say and how to present your case? No problem; we’ve put together a letter and email templates to make it easier!

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Want to share a video, photo, or podcast with your school admin? Here's a library of audio/video materials you can use it to help explain and convince key decision-makers at your school.

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What if your school district is interested but they want to know if Austin Air purifiers have been successful elsewhere? Check out our library of testimonials featuring other schools and districts.

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