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Urgent Call: for Clean Air Student Advocates.
Anyone can get involved in this program. All passionate and dedicated students can be Clean Air Student Advocates. Here at Austin Air, we want to help all college and university students be changemakers and start the movement toward clean air on college campuses. 
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Health Science Majors

Polluted air is a critical public health issue. Not only does air pollution directly correlate with health science majors, but by advocating for clean air on college and university campuses, health science majors can add that they were crucial in executing a plan for clean air to their resumes, which medical schools and potential employers will value. 

Environmental Science Majors

Air pollution is also a huge environmental issue. It relates directly to environmental science majors. This is not only an opportunity to create monumental changes in an environmental science student’s area of interest, but it will also be important to future employers when they see it on a resume.  Environmental Science majors are great advocates!


As an asthmatic, it’s crucial that your air is clean and that you advocate for this necessity. Many  pollutants on college campuses can trigger an asthma attack, like dust, allergens, chemicals, and mold. Effective removal of these triggers can not only help alleviate asthma symptoms but also reduce the need for medication and help avoid potentially fatal attacks. 


Student Journalists

As a student-news organization member, you may be passionate about public health issues such as polluted air. Not only is this an opportunity for advocacy but also an opportunity to gather potential story leads. Advocating for clean air at your college or university may also be important to potential employers because change-making is a major tenant in journalism. 


Student Leaders

Whether you’re a resident advisor, a commuter advisor, someone in student government, or someone who holds another leadership position at your school, this is an opportunity to flex your leadership muscles and make a real difference in your college or university community. Plus, this opportunity would look great on a resume and to potential employers.


Political Science Majors

Whether you’re in political science, legal studies, public service and global affairs, or history, this is an opportunity for you to practice advocacy and dive into federal and state-level processes. Plus, being able to say you played an important role in your school accessing  funding opportunities will look great on a resume and may help with internship opportunities.