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How To Advocate for Cleaner Air on Your Campus


Advocating for cleaner air on your campus starts with raising awareness. You can start clubs that advocate for clean air, take advantage of the school newspaper, start podcasts, and more. 

It’s important to take charge of your health. So, you must get involved. Start a dialogue. 

School administration is a resource for you as a student. Take advantage of that resource and advocate for your needs – for safe, healthy, and clean air on your campus. 

As a member of student government organizations, school news organizations, mental health awareness groups, or any leadership, advocacy, or public awareness group, this pertains to you. You could be a crucial part of bringing cleaner air to your college or university campus. 

Below, are some key points to use with different decision makers when advocating for air purification on your campus. 



Air Purification Reduces Viral Transmission
Medical-grade HEPA air purifiers can reduce viral transmission on campus. This can help keep case numbers low and help your school continue to operate in-person. (It can be a major financial hit if the university goes remote and students leave). 

Air Purification Enhances Learning
College should be an institution of learning, but many studies show poor indoor air quality negatively impacts a student’s ability to learn. 

Air Purification Helps Mental Health
Studies also show poor indoor air quality impacts mental health. Research shows three in five college students are already living with a mental health condition. 


Counseling Centers

As previously noted, air quality affects mental health. People aged 16-24 are the most high-risk group for mental health issues. As an institution, it’s important to take a biopsychosocial approach. 

“That certainly has an impact on our mental health. A fish is as healthy as the water it swims in – we’re as healthy as the air we breathe. Anything that’s going to reduce our anxiety quotient, including the quality of our air, is absolutely a right thing,” 

~ Michael Madonia

University Staff Therapist 


Resident Assistants

The air in campus housing may be unsafe. Part of the duty of a resident assistant is to report safety issues. 

Dirty air can be especially hazardous to residents with conditions such as asthma, allergies, or autoimmune disease. 

Studies Show…
    Students are spending thousands of hours in close quarters with hundreds of other students – likely breathing in not only mold spores, but also viruses, bacteria, dust, and other allergens circulating in the air and penetrating deep in the lungs.
    Where does that pollution end up? You guessed it: in unventilated dorm rooms - dorm rooms where windows likely haven’t been opened since the school’s inception, or aren’t even allowed to be open at all. 
    This can be problematic, or even deadly, especially for students with preexisting health conditions. 
    As an RA, it’s part of your duty to support students, especially students with preexisting health conditions. Part of this is to advocate for their needs, and for students with asthma, allergies, or autoimmune diseases, clean air is one of their biggest needs.


University Marketing Departments

College enrollment is declining. Young people who became of college age during the pandemic now have reservations about going to college. Students who did high school or college remotely during the pandemic don’t want to do that again. 

College-aged people need relationships, community, and freedom. 

And until institutions can convince students that they can keep these things on campus, enrollment will continue to decline. 

Good news – There is government funding available to implement solutions to stop the spread of COVID-19 on campus. 

The solution: Portable, medical-grade air purification that can effectively remove up to 99% of airborne viruses. 

Not only that, but by partnering with Austin Air to deploy air purifiers on campus, your school will be named a Clean Air Innovator in our press releases and digital marketing materials. This is a great way to boost your own marketing efforts to prospective students and parents. 

As a Clean Air Innovator, you’ll show families you understand their concerns and you’re taking bold, proactive steps to not only keep students safe, but safeguard the freedoms they desire. 


Campus Health Clinics

Campus health clinics can earn a FREE air purifier to reduce the transmission of viruses and keep students, faculty, and staff safe by becoming an Austin Air Partner. 

You’ll also get a special “School Family” discount code that parents, faculty, and staff can use on our website. 


Campus Stores

Air purifiers are a necessity for campus stores. Campus store managers can help supply clean air, reduce viral transmission, and foster a clean and safe learning environment for students at your school by becoming a dealer/reseller of Austin Air products. 

Because of the pandemic and wildfires, air purifiers are becoming THE product everyone is shopping for. 

Plus, parents can use their HSA/FSA insurance cards to purchase air purifiers for their children. Students may also use campus funds. 

Austin Air purifiers are also made right here in America – in Buffalo, NY – and can ship directly within a few days. So, there are no supply chain issues!

Not only that, all Austin Air dealers are assigned their own sales representative to provide training and ongoing support. 


Athletic Departments

Air Purifiers Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

Fast breathing makes it easy for OVID-19 to spread in gyms and training areas, taking athletes out of commission. 

The CDC, WHO, and EPA recommend portable HEPA air purifiers to minimize the spread of airborne viruses. The HEPA and activated carbon in Austin Air purifiers remove up to 99% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. In fact, the HEGA carbon cloth in our Bedroom Machine and Allergy Machine captures and destroys 99.9998% of viral particles. 

Clean Air Improves Energy Levels

Many VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde from flooring, furniture, and building materials circulate in the air and travel deep into the lungs, causing decreased lung function and other serious health problems. 

Studies show these contaminants can hinder an athlete’s Vo2 max, which is vital to athletes’ performance, due to lowered oxygen transport from the air sacs in the lungs. 

When athletes train in clean air, their energy levels improve!

Clean Air Improves Recovery

After a workout, the body repairs and rebuilds new, stronger muscle fibers. Poor air quality can disrupt oxygenation not only during training but after training as well, in those crucial minutes and hours post-workout.

When your training facility has fresh, clean air, free from contaminants, your athletes recover better. Watch the annoying joint injuries reduce. See the new strength gains they make and the endurance they build.

Professional Athletes Recommend Austin Air Purifiers

Numerous professional Austin Air athletes (in various sports) use and recommend our purifiers for improved athletic performance and recovery.