College Students: Advocate for Clean Air on Your Campus Now!


Get Funding for Air Purifiers on Campus!


Advocating for clean air is essential on college campuses.


College – A time where you learn to hone your leadership skills and advocate for others and yourself. 

As a college student, you can make a difference on your campus. And advocating for clean air is one of the most important ways to do this. 

Air quality affects both your mental and physical health. Dirty air can lead to physical ailments, like respiratory disease, lung damage, allergy symptoms, reduced resistance to infection, and fatigue, among other things. And it can also cause mental symptoms, like an increase in depression and suicidal ideation. 

Most likely, you want better for yourself and your fellow students. 

You can start by digging deeper. 

The more you know about the impact of air quality, the better you’ll be able to advocate for better air on campus. And the more you’ll be able to help your school community. 

There’s nothing more important than your mental and physical health, especially when you’re trying to navigate college. College is hard enough on its own, but when you add negative mental and physical health effects from contaminated air, it can feel impossible. 

Get involved. Make a change. 

Not only will this help you and your peers, but it will also look good on a resume. Almost all employers value advocacy experience, and they want to see you’re passionate about important things. It’ll be invaluable to potential employers for you to be able to say you were an integral part in your college or university utilizing federal funding campuswide. 

Plus, you can earn FREE air purifiers for a campus housing building or campus area of your choice when your college or university partners with Austin Air.

What are you waiting for? 


Join the Movement Today!


What's Included in this Toolkit


College Students Advocate for Clean Air


Who Can Be an Advocate



What is the Solution to Cleaner Air

Funding for air purifiers on college campuses
Funding for air purifiers on college campuses


Do It Now and Use Funding

sources of indoor air pollution on college campuses


Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

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Air Quality and Human Health

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How to Advocate on Campus